Hors-Série: God save mankind

5247bc1735efc_312123nHallo everybody

I know we have décided to stop the lodgecast but a promess is a promess, and i have make a promess to my brother Scrameustache to make an episod on the english masonic rit. It is thing made. you have in your ears the product of this promess. In two hours we presented the english-saxon rits and a little picture of the mondial masonery. Many thanks to my precious brothers Karim and Fred for have many knowledge on english-saxon masonery and a big thank you for Sylvia for this précious help and knowledge.

The Lodgecast is definitevly closed this is not a new depart. Il you can read my bullshit english without laughing you are strong and if you understand you are very strong too.

Have pleasure to hear this hors-serie episod.



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